HC Deb 02 November 1916 vol 86 c1797

asked the Chief Secretary whether he is aware that an official employed in the Land Registry, Four Courts, Dublin, Charles J. Kenny by name, was handed a form which stated that, subject to the approval of the bead of his Department, he undertook to enlist when called upon to do so for the duration of the War; that Kenny refused to sign this undertaking; that he was then informed that, being of military age and not having undertaken to enlist, his services would be dispensed with; and whether this form of Conscription has the sanction of the Irish Government?


The form referred to in the question as having been given to Mr. C. J. Kenny, employed as temporary boy clerk in the central office of the Land Registry, was the form issued by the Lord Lieutenant as Director of Recruiting in Ireland, which was handed to all and signed by the majority of the few remaining eligible members of the staff of the Land Registry who had not already left for military service. As Mr. Kenny was not prepared to sign the form his services, as well as those of some other temporary clerks of military age in the Land Registry, were dispensed with; and the duties performed by them are now being discharged by men of over military age and by female clerks.