HC Deb 02 November 1916 vol 86 cc1804-5
107. Mr. BARNES

asked if a punishment known as "crucifixion" is inflicted on our soldiers in the field; if so, for what offences is it inflicted; whether a man has died under such punishment; and will he have an inquiry made with a view to putting an end to the infliction of such a punishment upon the soldiers?


asked whether a British soldier was recently sentenced to what is known as "crucifixion"; whether he was with five others tied by the neck, waist, hands, and feet to cartwheels for an hour, and when released was dead; and whether he will cause an inquiry to be made into the case, with a view to preventing the possibility of such treatment of our soldiers and the dismissal of the officers concerned if such a sentence was. inflicted?


I would refer my hon. Friend the Member for the Eifion Division of Carnarvonshire to the answer given yesterday to the hon. Member for Hanley, which was to the effect that the particular case mentioned cannot be investigated until information has been obtained as to the name, number, and regiment of the soldier who is alleged to have died under the circumstances suggested. In reply to the right hon. Member for the Blackfriars Division, I would say that he will find the conditions under which field punishment should be carried out by referring to page 721 of the "Manual of Military Law." He will find the offences for which it might be awarded set out under Section 44 (5) of the Army Act.


Could not field punishment No. 2 be modified by regulation instead of by legislation?