HC Deb 25 May 1916 vol 82 cc2296-7
62. Mr. REDDY

asked the Secretary to the Treasury why there is a notice on both sides of the swivel bridge over the Shannon at Shannonbridge stating in large letters that the bridge is only to carry three tons if the statement of the Board of Works is correct that it is capable of bearing twelve tons; whether the bridge as repaired fails to close properly; and whether boards and a chain and lock and key have to be employed to cover this defect?


I am informed that there were notices on the bridge over the River Shannon at Shannonbridge limiting the weight of traffic passing over it to three tons, but that they have recently been removed, and that there is now no notice on the bridge. On completion of the strengthening of the bridge, the Board of Works received a report that it closed with perfect satisfaction, in fact, better than it did before it was strengthened. They are not aware of any change having since occurred in its working, but they are having inquiries made on the point.


Can the right hon. Gentleman say why it took twelve months to finish the bridge and why people were prevented from crossing the bridge all last winter?


I cannot say. I have very little knowledge of this bridge myself. If the hon. Member will disclose to me the object he has in view in putting these questions, I will try to get a comprehensive amount of information for him from Ireland.


Thank you.