HC Deb 24 May 1916 vol 82 c2111

asked the Secretary to the Local Government Board whether he is aware of the delay in the framing of the regulations as to grants to be made by the Pension Committee or Statutory Committee of the Royal Patriotic Fund Corporation; whether this delay is due to the civil or to the military authorities; and how soon the regulations are likely to appear?


The Regulations both for separation allowances and for pensions and allowances to widows and dependants of deceased sailors and soldiers, and to the disabled, have been the subject of much careful consideration, and it is hoped that they will be ready for submission to the Treasury for approval in a few days. My hon Friend will be aware that the question of granting pensions in the case of men disabled by disease aggravated by service, and of granting allowances in respect of the interval between a man's discharge from the Forces and the award of his pension, have recently been receiving the attention of His Majesty's Government, and it has been necessary for the Statutory Committee to consider their Regulations for pensions in close association with the decisions arrived at on these matters by the War Office and by the Admiralty.


Is it a fact that as the result of those Regulations being drafted the Statutory Committee will have at once to appeal to the Chancellor of the Exchequer for a larger Grant?


No; I do not think the hon. Gentleman can at present draw that conclusion.