HC Deb 18 May 1916 vol 82 c1637

asked the Home Secretary if the Press Bureau has prohibited the publication of a record of decisions of the tribunals under the Military Service Act, 1916, which are not in accord with the law and the instructions, and if they have further prohibited any such record being published for the information of Members of Parliament, stating that such a record would be a criticism of the tribunals likely to cause disaffection; and if it be the policy of the Government to use the Defence of the Realm Act to shelter illegality and to encourage lawlessness?


The Press Bureau in the exercise of their discretion considered that the effect of the pamphlet would be, not merely to draw attention to alleged defects in the administration of the Military Service Act, but to stimulate resistance to its operation. Since it fell within the scope of Regulation 27 its circulation in any form could not be sanctioned.