HC Deb 17 May 1916 vol 82 cc1513-5
79. Mr. JOWETT

asked the Under-Secretary for War if it is with his sanction that the military representative pressed the Skipton urban military tribunal to refuse exemption to a deaf youth, who had been certified as unfit for combatant service, on the ground that the youth would be more usefully employed as an officer's servant than in his own occupation as a warpdresser; and whether, having regard to the fact that owing to the shortage of warpdressers in the West Riding looms are kept standing and the production of woven fabrics seriously diminished, and in consideration of the plea of the youth's mother, who stated before the tribunal that her four other sons were serving in the Army already, he will direct the military representative to withdraw his opposition to this case?


I am obtaining a report.


asked the President of the Local Government Board if he has made any representations to the Manchester local tribunal upon its decision in a case before it on the 5th instant, where a farmer appealed for exemption for two men, one a young unmarried man, his nephew, the other a married man in Group 44, with five children, and, in the course of the hearing the farmer said he would agree to withdraw the appeal for the married man in Group 44 if exemption were granted to his nephew, and the tribunal gave exemption to the young unmarried man, his nephew, on that condition?


My right hon. Friend has no information respecting the case. There are, of course, other considerations besides marital conditions—such as occupation—to be taken into account in deciding whether a man should be exempted.

102. Major NEWMAN

asked whether the circular to local tribunals, dealing with the exemption of men who are the sole head of their businesses, has been sent out in accordance with promise made to the hon. Member for Enfield?


The arrangement finally arrived at in connection with this matter was that an attempt should be made to deal with it by an instructional Regulation. The form of this, as well as of the other amendments to the Regulations which will be necessitated by the passing of the new Bill is being considered.


Is it a fact that attested men who are now being called up will come under this Regulation or instruction that they may claim its advantage?


I would not like to give a certain answer to that, but I think that is so.


With regard to single men in these positions whose claims on these grounds have been disallowed, will they have any opportunity of taking advantage of this new instruction?


I should like to have notice of that question.

82. Mr. E. HARVEY

asked whether an unattested. man who attains the age of forty-one years while his claim is before a tribunal is liable to be called up for military service?


The answer is in the negative.