HC Deb 17 May 1916 vol 82 c1496

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether certain officers belonging to the late Armoured Car Division of the Royal Naval Air Service have recently been transferred back to the Royal Naval Air Service; whether these officers joined the Armoured Car Service in the early stages of the War; whether, on joining the Royal Naval Air Service, they have been given seniority as dating only from the date of their actual transfer back; and whether he will take steps to provide that the seniority of these officers will date from the time of joining the Armoured Car Service and not from the date of their transfer to the Royal Naval Air Service?


Officers who have transferred for general service in the Royal Naval Air Service keep their original seniority. It is only those who enter for flying who are graded with the seniority of entry. In this respect they are treated exactly the same as officers of the Royal Navy who become flying officers.


Do they get any advantage from the time they have served with the armoured cars?


If they enter for the general service, yes; if for flying, no; then they are graded from the date of entry. That is the case also with the Royal Naval officers entering the flying