HC Deb 16 May 1916 vol 82 cc1487-8

(1) During the continuance of the present War, notwithstanding anything in Section seven of the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act, 1907, the orders and regulations for the government and discipline of the Territorial Forces made under that Section—

  1. (a) may authorise a man of the Territorial Force when belonging to one corps to be transferred without his consent to another corps, and may authorise a man of the Territorial Force to be posted without his consent to a battalion or other body of the Regular Forces included in the corps to which he belongs or is transferred; and
  2. (b) in the case of an officer or man in the Territorial Force who is liable to service outside the United Kingdom may, for the purposes of such service, and notwithstanding anything in any instrument defining

Session and Chapter. short Title. Extent of Repeal.
5 and 6 Geo. 5, c. 104 The Military Service Act, 1916 Sub-section (4) of section one; the words "before the appointed date" in sub-section (5) of section two; and the words "and, subject to any provision which may hereafter be made by Parliament, men who have been discharged from the naval or military service of the Crown on the termination of their period of service in paragraph 5 of the First Schedule."

Schedule (b) brought up, and read the first time; read a second time, and added to the Bill.


I beg to move, "That the Bill be now read the third time."

Division No. 23.] AYES. [11.9 p.m.
Acland, Rt. Hon. Francis Dyke Baird, J. L. Banbury, Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick G.
Adkins, Sir W. Ryland D. Baker, Rt. Hon. H. T. (Accrington) Banner, Sir John S. Harmood-
Allen, Arthur A. (Dumbartenshire) Baldwin, Stanley Barlow, Montague (Salford, South)
Ashley, W. W. Balfour, Sir Robert (Lanark) Barnes, Rt. Hon. George N.

the conditions of such service, authorise the drafting of any such officer or man to any unit of the Territorial Forces within the corps to which he belongs or to which he may be transferred;

and those orders and regulations shall also provide for the maintenance of the rate of pay of a man who is transferred without his consent to a different arm or branch of the service except in cases in which it appears not desirable to the Army Council that the rate of pay should be so maintained.

Amendment made: Leave out the words "not desirable" ["it appears not desirable to the Army"], and insert instead thereof the word "undesirable."— [Sir G. Cave.]