HC Deb 04 May 1916 vol 82 cc127-8

asked the Under-Secretary of State for War if he will give orders that German prisoners, both officers and men, in Great Britain shall be fed on exactly the same diet as is supplied to British prisoners in Germany, pint for pint and ounce for ounce, and that no German prisoner shall on any account, except that he is sick and under the orders of the medical officer, receive more food or pay than is received by a British prisoner of corresponding rank who is in a German prison or camp?


I stated yesterday, in reply to the hon. Member for Faversham Division, what the general instructions to commandants at prisoners-of-war camps in Germany are in reference to the purchase and supply of food for prisoners, and I also stated that the amounts given to prisoners under the general scale would vary at different camps. To follow the German diet pint for pint and ounce for ounce would therefore be impossible. I do not think there is any sufficient reason to depart from the policy in regard to the treatment of prisoners of war which has been in force within the British Empire since the commencement of hostilities.