HC Deb 02 March 1916 vol 80 c1185

asked the Under-Secretary for War whether he is aware that the Rev. D. Coghlan, Presbytery, Bradford Street, Braintree, consented to billet nine soldiers, who remained from 4th November to 18th December, for which he is entitled, under the Army Regulations (Class III.a), to a rate of 2d. per man per day; that Father Coghlan supplied firing and hot water free during the whole time, and gas for five weeks, when Captain Matthews expressed a desire that it should be cut off; that he withdrew his consent on 13th December, owing to the refusal of the military authorities to admit the rate payable under Class III. a, but readmitted the soldiers upon the same day under the threat of Brigadier Watts to enforce the Defence of the Realm Act; that he has vainly applied for payment to the following persons to whom he was referred, seriatim: Quartermaster-Sergeant Glass, the Adjutant, Captain Minnett, Captain Matthews, Brigadier Watts, War Office, Lieutenant Halcrow, Land Agent at Bishop's Stortford, and the Defence of Realm Losses Royal Commission, to state claim in detail and swear before a magistrate, and obtain his signature that the claim is correct; that the amount payable is £3 6s., plus 12s. 6d. (the estimate of the officer in charge) for dilapidations, and that Captain Matthews informed him on 13th December that he may get something within six months' time; that other people in the same locality are being treated in the same way; and what steps he will take to remedy matters?


I am having inquiry made into this case, and will let my hon. Friend know the result.