HC Deb 28 June 1916 vol 83 cc852-3

The following question stood on the Paper in the name of Major NEWMAN:

104. To ask the Minister of Munitions whether, pending any statement that he may make as to the result of his negotiations to settle the Irish difficulty, he can state that in any suggestion he has put forward for the consideration of parties in Ireland he has been at pains to attach to the words "temporary" and "permanent," "provisional" and "definite," their exact meaning as hitherto understood?


In the public interest, I do not put this question.

The following question stood on the Paper in the name of Mr. GINNELL:

48. To ask the Prime Minister whether it was with his concurrence that martial law and the Defence of the Realm Act were used in Belfast last week for the political purpose of facilitating a meeting in St. Mary's Hall to promote the partition of Ireland and preventing a meeting in the Ulster Hall in opposition to that project; and, seeing that the period for which the present Parliament was elected expired last January, whether he will delay the introduction of any Bill embodying that project pending the election of a Constitutional Parliament by the electorate, and in the meantime withdraw the restraints on free expression of opinion on that subject?


I beg to call your attention, Sir, to the fact that this question has not been answered, and, as on a former occasion, the Prime Minister completely evaded answering a question in precisely the same manner, and said the following day that he had answered it. I now desire to postpone this question until Monday next, and I want it on the record that it has not been answered.


I quite agree. I did not know it had been put. I regret that I did not have the answer.