HC Deb 27 July 1916 vol 84 c1896

Order for Committee read.


The Instruction standing in the name of the hon. Member for West Clare (Mr. Lynch)—["That it be an Instruction to the Committee on the Bill that they have power to add to the names of the Commissioners the name of a representative of the medical faculty "]—is unnecessary, because what it seeks to do can be done in Committee by Amendment.

Bill considered in Committee.

[Mr. WHITLEY in the Chair.]

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(Appointment of Commissioners.) 14,140 words, 1 division
  2. cc1932-51
  3. CLAUSE 2.—(Powers of Commissioners.) 7,789 words, 1 division
  4. cc1951-3
  5. CLAUSE 3.—(Discretion to Hold Proceedings Either in Public or in Private.) 664 words
  6. cc1953-60
  7. CLAUSE 4.—(Indemnity to Witnesses.) 3,123 words
  8. cc1960-4
  9. CLAUSE 5.—(Sittings Outside the United Kingdom.) 1,413 words
  10. cc1964-6
  11. CLAUSE 6.—(Reports.) 664 words
  12. cc1966-71
  13. NEW CLAUSE.—(Australian Citizens.) 2,032 words
  14. cc1971-6
  15. NEW CLAUSE.—(Power to Suspend Officers for Inefficiency.) 1,937 words