HC Deb 26 July 1916 vol 84 cc1685-6
83. Mr. W. THORNE

asked the President of the Board of Trade the reasons why the number of refrigerated boats belonging to Messrs. Lamport and Holt were employed all last year in carrying meat from Buenos Ayres to New York;and why were these boats not employed in bringing meat to England, which could have been put in cold storage and sold to the public during times of acute shortage?


Several of Messrs. Lamport and Holt's insulated steamers were utilised last year in carrying meat for the Allied Forces. Others were partly engaged in connection with a mail contract for the United States Government, and there were other reasons affecting the general utilisation of the British mercantile marine which made it desirable to keep these vessels in their regular trade. As the needs of the Allied Forces have increased, all Messrs. Lamport and Holt's insulated steamers are now engaged in carrying meat to the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.

84. Mr. THORNE

asked the President of the Board of Trade who was responsible for permitting a quantity of bright frozen beef to be put into store and leaving it unexamined until it was rotten; if he is aware that Sansenina's store men say that no one came to look at the beef from the time it was deposited until its withdrawal was ordered and its condition discovered; whether the Committee now inquiring into the high prices of foodstuffs will inquire into this state of things; and whether he is prepared to give instructions that all food supplies n cold storage should be examined from time to time?


I have nothing to add to the answers given to my hon. Friend on 22nd June and 17th July. As I have already stated, the meat condemned formed part of a consignment which was in process of issue during the time it was in store, and I am assured that there was no neglect in supervision or inspection.


Is there any inspection of cold storage places with a view to preventing meat going rotten in this way? There have been several cases.


I believe there is, but, if the hon. Member desires it, I will obtain for him accurate information.