HC Deb 18 July 1916 vol 84 cc827-8

asked the Secretary of State for War if he is aware that, although the examination that the members of the National Association of Trained Masseuses and Masseurs have to pass is of a higher standard than that the members of the Almeric Paget Massage Corps have to pass, the members of the first named association find it almost impossible to get employment in military hospitals; and whether, in view of the demand for the services of these people and to help so far as possible the sufferings of our soldiers, he will give the same recognition to this association as is given to the Almeric Paget Massage Corps?


The information in possession of the War Office does not confirm the statement made in the first part of the question. When the association originally asked that their diploma might be recognised as qualifying its members for work in military hospitals, it was found that the amount of instruction given to the members was not equal to the minimum required by the schedule of the Almeric Paget Massage Corps. The standard of instruction has, I understand, subsequently been brought up equal to that of the Almeric Paget Massage Corps. I may, however, inform the hon. Member that arrangements have been made for an official inspection of the schools connected with the association at an early date, and until the results of that inspection are available it is not possible to make any statement on the point raised in the second part of the question.


Will the hon. Gentleman let me know the result of the inspection?


Oh, yes.