HC Deb 17 July 1916 vol 84 c645

asked the Home Secretary whether the books, papers, and money taken in the raid on the premises of the No-Conscription Fellowship offices have been returned, as was the case in the raid upon the offices of the National Council against Conscription, and, if not, why; and will he say if the Government proposes to bring any special charge against the No-Conscription Fellowship, or what action, if any, it is proposed to take?


The seizure in this case was made by the City Police by the Order of the Competent Military Authority under Regulation 51. I am informed that the sum of £12 which was seized was returned on the 10th instant. Copies of six leaflets and pamphlets which had previously been the subject of proceedings under the Defence of the Realm Act in London or elsewhere, and had been condemned by the Courts, were destroyed by order of the Competent Military Authority. The remainder of the literature and documents seized has been returned. I understand that no further proceedings against the No-Conscription Fellowship are at present contemplated.