HC Deb 10 July 1916 vol 84 cc151-2

(1) Where before the passing of this Act a police authority has resolved, promised, sanctioned or agreed to make to any constable serving in His Majesty's forces for the purposes of the present War, payments in excess of the amounts authorised by the Police Constables (Naval and Military Service) Acts, 1914 and 1915, any such excess payments up to the date of the passing of this Act, or such later date as may be determined by the Secretary of State, shall be deemed to have been lawfully made, and the Secretary of State may, if he thinks fit, sanction the continuance of such excess payments after such date as aforesaid, and shall do so in any case where it appears to him that the constable joined His Majesty's forces in reliance on such resolution, promise, sanction, or agreement, and that the amount of the excess is not unreasonable. In the case of any constable who dies whilst employed on naval or military service in respect of whom no pension or gratuity is payable from the Police Fund, the police authority shall have power to return to any of his dependants, as defined in Section one of the Police Reservists (Allowances) Act, 1914, the rateable deductions which have been made from his pay towards pension.

Amendment made: In Sub-section (1), after the word "dies" ["dies whilst employed "], insert the words" or has died."