HC Deb 04 July 1916 vol 83 cc1367-8
41 and 42. Mr. W. THORNE

asked the President of the Board of Trade (1) how many tons of American bacon there are in the London docks; if he is aware that the American Meat Trust will not allow tons of bacon to leave the docks, and in consequence tons of it are going rotten; and if he has received a Report on the matter in accordance with his promise; and (2) if he is aware that fifty barges of bacon seized as unfit for human food on the Thames belonged to the American Meat Trust firms; and if he will take steps to prevent the American Meat Trust allowing good food to perish?


The quantity of bacon now on the docks and quays in London is considerably larger than usual, but I have been unable to learn from reliable sources of the condemnation of any important amounts other than such as had suffered sea damage; the last occasion when considerable amounts were condemned on this ground was over five months ago. After careful inquiry I cannot find that there is any foundation for the statements in my hon. Friend's questions.


Has the Board of Trade any power to make the American Beef Trust unload this bacon instead of keeping it stored, not only in London but in the Port of Liverpool, for the purpose of keeping up an inflated price?


I cannot answer as to powers without notice.


Will the right hon. Gentleman undertake to discover whether the American Beef Trust is in fact holding up supplies, and if so, make short work of them?