HC Deb 03 July 1916 vol 83 cc1196-7

asked the Prime Minister whether the promised public inquiry into the shooting of non-combatant civilians by the military in Dublin will cover all such cases; how many such men are known to have been killed at Porto-bello Barracks with Mr. Sheehy-Skeffing-ton; how many in the North King Street area; how many at Richmond Barracks at which an officer boasted that 71 rebels had been shot; by whom the question whether they were rebels was decided; where their bodies were buried; how many were so shot dead in the Eden Quay area besides Ernest Cavanagh, John Hewson, William Maguire, Harris, Casey, and Fowler, all non-combatants trying to continue their peaceful pursuits at the time; why no report or military inquiry has yet been made into any of the latter three groups; when the promised civil inquiry will be held; and whether it will deal with questions of compensation?


With regard to the first part of the question, I made no promise of a public inquiry except in the case of Mr. Sheehy-Skeffington. The answer to the second part of the question is two, namely, Messrs. Dickson and McIntyre. The answer to the third part of the question is that fifteen persons were reported killed, and Courts of Inquiry have been held on all. The district is a centre of Sinn Feinism and of heavy house-to-house fighting. No proof is forthcoming whether these were killed by military or rebels. The answer to the fourth and fifth parts of the question is that no such men were shot. The answer to the last part of the question is that no information of these or other casualties in Eden Quay has been received. The hon. Member is apparently referring to the bombardment of Liberty Hall, a rebel stronghold.


Will the right hon. Gentleman inform the House on what grounds he makes a distinction between the murder of Mr. Sheehy-Skeffington and the other men killed at the same time and place? In view of the indefinite answer he has been obliged to give, will he not agree to hold a public sworn inquiry?


We could not have a public sworn inquiry without an Act of Parliament.