HC Deb 03 July 1916 vol 83 cc1179-81

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he will furnish a complete list, up to date, of the enemy firms who have been ordered to be wound up under the provisions of the Defence of the Realm Act, 1916, with a statement against each name of the trade carried on and the approximate amount of the capital employed therein?


Lists of the businesses ordered to be wound up or discontinued with a statement of the nature of each business and other particulars have been presented to Parliament in accordance with Section 1 (S) of of the Trading with the Enemy Amendment Act, 1916. These lists bring the information down to the end of last May. The amount of capital employed in such businesses is, however, not shown, and, so far as persons or unregistered firms are concerned, there are many cases in which it could not be shown without further investigation, while in others, owing to the absence of complete accounts in this country, the information would be very imperfect. I do not think the expenditure of time necessary for the compilation of this information would be justified, but if the hon. Member desires such information in any particular case, I will endeavour to supply him with it.


asked for the number and value of the shares of enemy aliens in British companies which have now been sold under the powers conferred by the Trading with the Enemy (Amendment) Act, 1916; and whether such shares have been sold by private treaty through the medium of the Stock Exchange or by public auction?


Shares and debentures held by enemies in British companies of the nominal value of £1,300,000 have at present been vested by the Board of Trade in the Public Trustee for the purpose of sale. He has completed the sale of shares of the nominal value of £102,000 and is negotiating for the sale of the remainder. These shares have been sold by private treaty and on the Stock Exchange in cases where there is a quotation. In several pending cases the shares are being put up for sale by public auction.


Is any care taken when the shares are not sold?



19. Major HUNT

asked why a German firm of which one of the partners is now living in Germany, after being ordered to wind up under the Hostile Foreigners Trading Order, has been allowed to be acquired by a firm of another name with an agency in London, and allowed to be under the same management as the former firm?

The SECRETARY of STATE for INDIA {Mr. Chamberlain)

The transaction to which my hon. and gallant Friend presumably refers is at present under the consideration of the Government of India, and until a decision has been arrived at I am not in a position to make a statement.

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