HC Deb 10 January 1916 vol 77 cc1270-1

asked whether the War Office has been advertising to enlist at 5s. a day; if, in response to the adver- tisement, Saddler S. Beale, 121301, No. 4 depot, Royal Field Artillery, enlisted, was examined, and his certificate given him as a skilled workman, and was then attached to the 21st battery, Royal Field Artillery; whether the serjeant-major told him he would only be paid 2s. a day, the unskilled rate of pay, which Beale declined to accept and he was then discharged; and is it with the authority of the War Office that faith is not kept with this man?


The man referred to by my hon. Friend enlisted as a specially enlisted saddler on the 17th November last at 5s. a day, and failing to pass the trade test was discharged on 15th December, services no longer required. He was never finally approved.


Is the hon. Gentleman aware that the man was examined and given his certificate as a skilled workman, that before he enlisted he had been employed in some of the largest West End firms on the best work for officers' saddles, and that other men who have enlisted are getting the full pay as advertised?


It depends where the man works. But if my hon. Friend will communicate any information that he has bearing on the case, I will inquire into it.


I shall be glad to show my hon. Friend the certificate which I have here.