HC Deb 10 January 1916 vol 77 cc1279-80
38. Mr. W. THORNE

asked the Under-Secretary of State for War whether he can now give the figures showing the number of cases of, and deaths from, typhoid fever, showing separately inoculated and uninoculated, among officers and men of the British Army in the United Kingdom and in France and Belgium since the 1st of August, 1914, and the date to which the figures are compiled?


The figures I have cover the period from the commencement of hostilities to the 10th November. During this period 1,365 cases of enteric fever were reported as having occurred amongst the British troops in France and Belgium; of these 1,150 cases have been definitely diagnosed after bacteriological examination. In 579 cases where there had been inoculation there were 35 deaths, and in 571 cases where there had not been inoculation there were 115 deaths. In the United Kingdom from the 1st August, 1914, to the 30th October, 1915, 540 cases of enteric fever were reported and 87 deaths; 39 per cent of these cases occurred in men who had not been inoculated, but I cannot say how the deaths were distributed amongst the inoculated and uninoculated respectively. For paratyphoid no system of inoculation has yet been adopted.