HC Deb 04 January 1916 vol 77 cc787-8

The following Papers, presented by His Majesty's Command during the Christmas Adjournment, were delivered to the Librarian of the House of Commons during the Recess, pursuant to Standing Order No. 95:—

  1. 1. Destruction of a German Submarine (Miscellaneous, No. 1, 1916;,—Copy of Memorandum of the German Government in regard to incidents alleged to have attended the destraction of a German Submarine and its Crew by His Majesty's Auxilary Cruiser "Baralong," on 19th August, 1915, and Reply of His Majesty's Government thereto;
  2. 2. Army,—Copy of Report on Recruiting by the Earl of Derby, K.G., Director-General of Recruiting.
  3. 3. Board of Education,—Copy of (i.) List of Certified Schools for Blind, Deaf, Defective, and Epileptic Children, on 31st July, 1915; (ii.) List of Schools and Classes for Blind, Deaf Defective, and Epileptic Students recognised under the Regulations for Technical Schools, etc., for the year ending 31st July, 1915;
  4. 4. Evictions (Ireland),—Copy of Return of Evictions in Ireland during the quarter ended 30th September, 1915;
  5. 5. War Loans and Small Investors,— Copy of Interim Report of the Committee on War Loans for the Small Investor and of the Treasury Minute thereon, dated 28th December, 1915;
  6. 6. Judicial Statistice (England and Wales),—Copy of Judicial Statistics, Part I., relating to Criminal Proceedings, Police, Coroners, Prisons, Reformatory and Industrial Schools, and Criminal Lunatics for England and Wales for 1914;
  7. 7. Coal Mining Organisation Committee (Departmental Committee),—Copy of Second General Report of the Depart- 788 mental Committee appointed by the Secretary of State for the Home Department to inquire into the conditions prevailing in the Coal Mining Industry due to the War.

Ordered, That the said Papers do lie upon the Table.

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