HC Deb 22 December 1916 vol 88 cc1810-1

asked the Under-Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that Trooper W. Gynn, 2nd/lst R. D. Yeomanry, C Squadron, stationed at Thorndon Park, Brentford, is the eldest son of fourteen children of the late Mr. Gynn, a farmer, who had farmed Tredidon Farm, near Launceston, for very many years, who died in October last, leaving his widow with her large family, the eldest boy at home being thirteen years of age, and the farm consisting of 265 acres, of which 70 acres will be cropped of oats, 12 acres of wheat, 8 acres of barley, and 10 acres of roots, and upon which there are 8 cows, 31 cattle, 180 sheep, and 31 pigs, with only one aged man available, and that unless the son can be released the farm must be given up and the stock sold, owing to the total inability of the widow to carry on such a farm; and whether, notwithstanding that the Board of Agriculture on the 18th December gave an intimation that the War Office had decided that they do not see their way to intervene, in view of the shortage of food and the possibility of the family becoming a burden upon the country, he can see his way to enable Trooper Gynn to be released forthwith for service upon this farm, in consequence of the demand that is being made that each man's services should be exercised to the greatest national advantage?


I am informed that the transfer of the eldest son to the Reserve W was not recommended, as there is a second son, employed as a clerk in civil life, who might fulfil the duties which my hon. Friend suggests.