HC Deb 18 December 1916 vol 88 cc1106-7

asked the Chief Secretary whether the terms of reference to Sir William Goulding's Committee re ruined property in Dublin asked it to advise how on analogy the several claims of uninsured persons could be fairly dealt with; whether there is now an intention of differentiating between the claims of the insured and the uninsured in the question of rent; whether there is any thing in the terms of reference to justify such different treatment; if so, will he quote the words, or whether supplementary instructions were given privately to the Committee; and, if so, by whom; and whether the ex-Premier conveyed the impression that sufferers were to be compensated alike whether insured or not?


The reply to the first part of the question is in the affirmative. The Property Losses Committee came to the conclusion, in the exercise of their discretion, that loss of rent is normally a consequential loss which would be excluded under the terms of reference, but that in view of the fact that it is sometimes treated as a building loss covered by a fire policy, they would be justified in admitting such a claim when there was insurance. The last inquiry in the question is not one which I can answer, but I may say the Government has acted and is acting in conformity with the promises of the late Prime Minister.

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