HC Deb 21 August 1916 vol 85 cc2255-6
37 and 38. Mr. KING

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department (1) whether he has been made aware of the notices issued by the Chief Constable of Salford to Russian Jews who, being without passports, are refused certificates of their nationality by the Russian Consulate; how it is intended to regard these men who have no nationality; whether he will seek legislative powers to make them British citizens on condition that they join the British Army, do war work, or undertake approved work of national importance; and (2) whether he is aware that? there are in this country many Jewish persons who originally fled from that part of Russia now occupied by the German Armies, possess no passports, are liable when returned to Russia to be sent to their original towns of residence, are not legally able to reside elsewhere, and are therefore subject to penalties and imprisonment in Russia so long as they cannot return to towns now occupied by the Germans; whether, before deporting any of these persons to Russia, he will consult the Russian Government and obtain an assurance that they will be allowed freely to settle elsewhere in Russia, or whether he will either seek legislative powers to make these persons British subjects or deal otherwise with this problem?


My right hon. Friend has inquired with regard to the action of the Salford Police, and he finds nothing in what they said or did to give any ground for the suggestion that the persons concerned are of no nationality. As regards the rest of Question 37 and the whole of Question 38, I would ask him to await the statement which my right hon. Friend hopes to make to-morrow.