HC Deb 21 August 1916 vol 85 c2259

asked what the present policy of the War Office is as to the calling up of medical students for military service; and if students are now permitted to continue their course of training for the medical profession?


Under the present arrangements medical students in their fourth and fifth years, including those third year students who passed a professional examination at the end of March, 1916, are not called to the Colours, provided they are enrolled in an Officers' Training Corps. Where such students are not attested an exemption is required from the tribunals, but the military representatives support applications by such students. As the hon. Member is doubtless aware, full time students in universities and university colleges and teaching establishments recognised by the Board of Education who are not passed as fit for general service are not at present called to the Colours, and arrangements are proposed by which second and third year medical students in this class who are at present serving shall be allowed to return to their professional studies.