HC Deb 16 August 1916 vol 85 cc1843-4

asked the Secretary of Stale for War if the Army and Navy Cooperative Society, Limited, are contractors or suppliers to the War Office; if so, whether an employé of the society, named Joyce, married, with four children, who had been in the employ of the society for fourteen years prior to his voluntarily joining the Coldstream Guards in 1914, was receiving wages of 26s. per week; whether the War Office inserts a Fair-Wages Clause in all contracts or orders it may give to the society; whether any such clause, if inserted, is observed; and, if not inserted hitherto, will he ensure that it is so applied to all orders and contracts that may be given by the War Office to the society in future?


The Army and Navy Co-operative Society are not on the War Office list of contractors, but urgent orders have occasionally been placed with them during the War. The Fair-Wages Clause is inserted in such contracts, and any complaints as to its non-observance would be investigated. Nothing is known about the employé referred to.

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