HC Deb 16 August 1916 vol 85 cc1826-7
2. Admiral of the Fleet Sir HEDWORTH MEUX

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether, in view of the recent dispatch setting forth the admirable work of the Dover patrol flotillas, he proposes any recognition of the arduous services rendered by patrols generally around the coast?


I am only too glad of the opportunity of saying that the Admiralty most highly appreciate the skill, devotion, and gallantry of the large body of our seamen who are engaged in the arduous work of patrolling our coasts; and the nation as a whole may well be grateful for the invaluable services which many units of the Navy, of which they hear nothing, are quietly and unostentatiously rendering. The services of those concerned, officers and men, in this arduous work will be fully considered with a view to suitable recognition.