HC Deb 03 August 1916 vol 85 cc511-2

That they have agreed to,—

Consolidated Fund (No. 4) Bill,

Isle of Man (Customs) Bill,

Public Works Loans Bill,

Expiring Laws Continuance Bill,

Pier and Harbour Provisional Orders Bill,

Land Drainage (Feltwell) Provisional Order Bill,

Land Drainage (Lilleshall) Provisional Order Bill, without Amendment;

Amendments to—

Colchester Gas Bill [Lords],

Ferndale Gas Bill [Lords],

Great Central and Sheffield District Railways Bill [Lords], without Amendment.

That they have passed a Bill intituled, "An Act to amend certain enactments relating to the government of India, and to remove doubts as to the validity of certain Orders in Council made for India." [Government of India (Amendment) Bill [Lords].

And also a Bill intituled, "An Act for charging on the inheritance of the estates in the counties of London and Middlesex known as the Craven Estates certain incumbrances now affecting the life interest of Augustus William Craven therein and for the rearrangement of certain policies of assurance on his life; and for other purposes connected with the said estates." [Craven Estates Bill [Lords].