HC Deb 22 September 1915 vol 74 cc443-4

asked the First Commissioner of Works if he can inform the House what steps have been taken to effect economies in connection with his Department?


The whole of the Votes taken for 1915–16 have been carefully reviewed on the basis that nothing is to be done which is not absolutely necessary, e.g., for reasons of health, to avoid actual deterioration of buildings, or to allow of the efficient working of Departments. All Departments have reduced their expenditure to the absolute minimum, and the closest scrutiny will be maintained. Practically all new works not subject of running contracts have been postponed.

The reductions in expenditure apply to every Department, namely, palaces, parks, Houses of Parliament, miscellaneous legal buildings, art and science buildings, diplomatic buildings, revenue buildings, insurance buildings, and public buildings. The sole exception is the Convalescent Hospital at Osborne, where, obviously, no economy is possible. By this action it is hoped to save about £250,000, or more than 10 per cent, of the money voted this year, and to effect a further saving of somewhat over £500,000 on next year's estimates, which is equivalent to a reduction of about 20 per cent, on the total Vote this year.

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