HC Deb 21 September 1915 vol 74 cc319-20

asked the Minister of Munitions whether he has found building at a percentage on cost as cheap as building under contract by competition; whether competition is open or confined to a list of firms; and which system he proposes to adopt for the buildings yet to be erected under his Department?


My right hon. Friend considers that the experience of the two systems is not yet sufficient to enable him to answer the first part of this question. As regards the latter part, the method so far adopted in regard to the construction of national factories is for the munition firms under the advice of which the factories are being constructed to prepare outline designs of the shops required in which the details of construction are based on past experience. In most cases the contractors who have erected shops for the private business of the munition firms have been invited to submit prices for the national factories, and where these prices on inquiry are found reasonable, they have been accepted. My right hon. Friend has set up a special department to supervise costs in connection with building and other contracts.


asked the Minister of Munitions whether any large London builders have offered to place their staffs at his disposal for the construction of munition factories and other building works and to give without remuneration their own services in carrying out the work; and, if so, whether he proposes to utilise their services?


My right hon. Friend has received a large number of communications from builders and others offering their services in connection with the work of the Ministry of Munitions, and he highly appreciates the patriotic motives which inspire these communications. Careful consideration is given to all such offers received, and advantage is taken of them whenever possible.