HC Deb 15 September 1915 vol 74 c40
5. Mr. HOGGE

asked the President of the Local Government Board whether he can state how much has been granted out of public funds and the National Relief Fund, respectively, for the relief of civil distress; and from what localities applications have been received?


The grants made for the relief of civil distress from the National Relief Fund, including the Queen's Work for Women Fund, have amounted to £364,645. Of this sum £53,000 was in respect of the relief of distress in Scotland, and £20,700 for Ireland. Information as to the districts which had received grants up to the 31st March last is contained in the Report of the Administration of the National Relief Fund which has been presented to Parliament. In addition grants were made in the financial year ended 31st March last under the Unemployed Workmen Act to the amount of £55,363 in England and Wales, and sums, of £2,000 and £5,000 were allocated to Scotland and Ireland respectively.


What steps have been; taken in view of the increasing distress among lodging-house keepers who take summer visitors, especially on the East Coast, on account of their being no season?


There is undoubtedly distress among lodging-house keepers in various seaside towns, especially on the East Coast. I do not think, however, it is correct to describe it as increasing. The attention of the relief committee has been given to it unceasingly, and, as far as I know, adequate relief has been provided.