HC Deb 15 September 1915 vol 74 c37
1. Mr. HOGGE

asked the President of the Board of Trade how far he has made arrangements with coal merchants in different areas for regulating retail prices of coal?

The PRESIDENT of the BOARD of TRADE (Mr. Runciman)

As I stated in the course of the Debates on the Price of Coal (Limitation) Bill, the question of making arrangements with coal merchants in other districts similar to that effected in the London area appears to be one which can best be dealt with by the local authorities, and the Board of Trade recently issued a circular calling their attention to the subject.


Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether any of the local authorities have taken any action?


I have received no information from them as to any action they have taken.


Have circulars been sent out asking for replies, or does the right hon. Gentleman expect them to send information to the Board of Trade?


I do not know whether the local authorities will think it necessary to communicate with the Board of Trade as to what action they have taken. We have given them the benefit of our advice.


Will the right hon. Gentleman ask the local authorities to communicate with the Board of Trade, so as to get complete information?


I will communicate with them.

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