HC Deb 21 October 1915 vol 74 cc2008-9

I beg to ask the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Agriculture a question, of which I have given private notice, namely, whether he can make any statement as to the reported outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease?


On the evening of yesterday (20th October) telegraphic intimation was received from the police at Bath of the suspected existence of foot-and-mouth disease on two sets of premises at Monkton Combe, a village 2½ miles south-east of the town of Bath, and a veterinary inspector of the Board was instructed to investigate the report. Later in the evening the police also reported the suspected existence of the disease on three other sets of premises in the same village.

Between noon and one o'clock this afternoon the Board's veterinary inspector telegraphed that he found that disease existed on three of the premises, the lesions in one case being well marked, and that he would report again later in the day.

The veterinary officers of the Board accepted his diagnosis and instructions were at once given for the preparation for immediate issue of an Order prohibiting the movement of animals over an area of approximately 15 miles radius from Monkton Combe.

As the City of Bristol is comprised within the area provision was made temporarily for the landing of animals consigned from Ireland to Bristol for detention in the lairages until further notice after landing, and the Irish Department were requested to take immediate steps to prevent any further shipments from Irish ports to Bristol.

No mention is made in any of the telegrams as to the number or species of the animals on these five sets of premises, and it is not yet known whether the remaining two premises had been visited at the time of the veterinary inspector's first telegraphic report.

No information is yet to hand as to the possible origin of disease. The necessary staff of inspectors has been instructed to proceed to Bath, arid further information may be expected at any moment.

I will make a further statement on the Adjournment, if I have any further information.