HC Deb 21 October 1915 vol 74 cc2112-3

The functions of local committees shall be:—

  1. (a) to inquire into any case referred to them by the Statutory Committee, and to report to the Statutory Committee their advice and recommendations with respect thereto;
  2. (b) to collect and furnish to the Statutory Committee such information as may be required by the Statutory Committee with respect to any matter, and to furnish applicants for pensions or grants or separation allowances with information and advice, especially in the event of payment being unduly delayed;
  3. (c) to distribute any supplementary grants made by the Statutory Committee, the distribution of which has been delegated to the local committee;
  4. (d) out of any funds at their disposal for the purpose, to make contributions towards the funds administered by the Statutory Committee, to increase pensions, grants, and separation allowances and to make grants or allowances where no pensions, grants, or separation allowances are otherwise payable;
  5. (e) to solicit and receive from the public contributions towards any such purposes as aforesaid;
  6. 2113
  7. (f) to make provision for the care of disabled officers and men after they have left the service, including provision for their health, training, and employment.

Lords Amendment: In paragraph (a) leave out the words "Statutory Committee," and insert instead thereof the word "Board," and consequential Amendment.—Disagreed with.

After paragraph (d) insert the following new paragraph:—

"(e) out of funds at their disposal, to make advances on account of pensions or grants or separation allowances due to any persons out of public funds during any interval before the payment thereof actually commences, or during which the payment thereof has been actually interrupted."—Agreed to.

Leave out paragraph (e).—Agreed to.

In paragraph (f), after the word "provision," insert the words "subject to the approval of the Board."

Amendment made in Lords Amendment: Leave out the word "Board," and insert instead thereof the words "Statutory Committee."

Lords Amendment: After paragraph (f) insert as a new paragraph:—

(g) to solicit and receive from the public contributions towards any such purposes as aforesaid."

Agreed to.