HC Deb 04 May 1915 vol 71 c1003

The next item of revenue, about which I should like to say a word is the Stamp Duty, and I am only going to call attention to that as an example of very accurate estimating. I think the officials are entitled to that reference. Their estimate was that by the end of the year £7,575,000 would be received. As a matter of fact, the amount paid into the Exchequer was £7,577,000. That is within £2,000 of their estimate in November—a very remarkable estimate. The other item of revenue which I should like to call attention to is the Death Duties. On the whole we have realised more than our anticipations in November, and there is a melancholy interest in noting the number of cases relieved or exempted under the Death Duties (Killed in War) Act. They number 512, and the duty allowed amounted to £102,426.