HC Deb 10 March 1915 vol 70 cc1378-9

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether, seeing that time served during the War is regarded as active service time and that such time counts towards an increase of half-pay for active list officers, he will consider the possibility of officers retired from the Navy on account of ill-health, and who voluntarily offered their services during the War, being allowed to count their War service towards an increase of pension; is he aware that the majority of these officers have given up civil employment; and that, should the War last any length of time, their chances of obtaining similar work after hostilities are over will be materially reduced owing to increased age, and especially will this be so in the case of men nearing their forty-fifth year?


I regret I am unable to see my way to recommending the adoption of the suggestion of the hon. Member. Retired officers recalled to service receive a war bonus of 25 per cent. of their full pay in lieu of counting their service for increase of pension. This system is undoubtedly the fairest for officers as a whole. Under the proposal of the hon. Member some officers would undoubtedly gain, but a very considerable number would receive no increase in pension whatever by counting their service under the present general rules on which the calculation of retired pay is based.