HC Deb 10 March 1915 vol 70 c1401

asked if any inspectors and, if so, how many have been appointed to inquire into the administration of the National Relief Fund; and, if so, will he state by whom they are appointed, what salaries they are paid, out of what funds they are paid, and what are their duties?


Existing officers of the Local Government Board and of other public Departments have been selected by the Government Committee for the Prevention and Relief of Distress to act as inspectors. The number of these inspectors in England and Wales is thirty-one; I have no information of the number of Scottish and Irish inspectors. The duties performed for the Government Committee by these officers are described in a circular issued in September last, a copy of which I will send to the hon. Member. No additions to the public service have been necessary, and no salary is paid to any of the inspectors in respect of the work undertaken for the Government Committee.