HC Deb 04 March 1915 vol 70 cc977-8

asked the President of the Local Government Board the number of the staff engaged at the offices of the Board in connection with the administration of town planning in England and Wales under the provisions of the Housing and Town Planning, etc., Act, 1909; the accumulated cost of the salaries and travelling expenses of the staff since the Act was passed; the number of town planning schemes finally adopted; and the number of houses built, or to be built, in connection with these schemes?


The administration at the Local Government Board of the Housing, Town Planning, etc., Act, 1909, in regard to town planning is conducted by the Housing and Town Planning Department of the Board, which is concerned also with the administration of the Housing of the Working Classes Acts; and it is not practicable to state the cost of the stall as regards town planning only. Moreover, other members of the Board's staff give part of their services to that Department. The number of town planning schemes made by local authorities and finally approved by the Board is four; three other schemes have been made by local authorities and submitted to the Board for approval; and the Board have authorised ninety-one other schemes to be prepared. It may be roughly estimated that the area of land comprised in town planning schemes approved or in contemplation is equal to about half the area of land already built upon in England and Wales. I have no information with respect to the number of houses built or to be built in connection with these schemes. The schemes do not require the erection of houses, but limit the number of houses to be erected on particular areas. It rests with the owners of the land within the area of the schemes to decide when building shall take place and, subject to the restrictions referred to, what number of houses shall be erected.