HC Deb 30 June 1915 vol 72 cc1795-6

asked whether arrangements have been made for telegraphing to India, the Colonies, and foreign countries where there is a large British population the exact terms of the War Loan, so that opportunity to invest may be afforded to all interested?


I am glad to have an opportunity of informing the House that the Eastern Telegraph Company patriotically offered to telegraph, free of charge, the full terms of the War Loan Prospectus to various places in the British Empire which are within their system, and this offer was gratefully accepted by the Government. Steps are also being taken to make sure that the terms of the Prospectus are made generally known in the other parts of the Empire and in certain foreign countries.

While I am anxious to give residents in the Dominions every opportunity for subscribing to the War Loan, I trust they will not lose sight of the fact that they can do perhaps an even greater service to the Empire by lending their resources to the Governments of their own Dominion's and so reducing the calls by those Governments on the resources of the United Kingdom.