HC Deb 23 June 1915 vol 72 cc1307-8

Considered in Committee.

[Mr. WHITLEY in the Chair.]

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That it is expedient to authorise the payment, out of money to be provided by Parliament, of any salaries and remuneration which may become payable under any Act of the present Session, and to amend the enactments relating to Prize Courts. King's Recommendation signified Tomorrow.—[The Attorney-General.]


I think we ought to have some explanation of this matter. We ought, at any rate, to have some information which will assure us that we are going away after doing good work, and not after merely squandering money.


I doubt very much whether the Bill makes any increase whatsoever in the amount of money that has to be spent. All it provides is that we can grant remuneration by way of a lump sum instead of having fees which are given to these various Prize Court officers in these various places. The reason of it is that at some places there are very few fees and the man gets very little remunera- tion, while in other places there are a great many fees, and he gets too much remuneration. We want to equalise it, and what we propose doing is to give to each person a lump sum in accordance with the amount of work he has to do.


Tire matter is absolutely indefinite, and the Attorney-General has not given us any indication as to what amounts will have to be voted. They may represent an unlimitedly large sum. I am sorry that the hon. Baronet the Member for the City of London (Sir F. Banbury) is not here. I am certain he would have something to say as to the extraordinary way of voting money after eleven o'clock at night in absolutely unlimited measure. I am sorry, too, that the hon. Member for Pontefract (Mr. Booth) is not here. I do not want to put any obstacles in the way of carrying on the affairs of this country at the present time, but I must again protest against the way in which the Government do their business.

Resolution to be reported To-morrow.

The remaining Orders were read and postponed.

Whereupon Mr. SPEAKER, pursuant to the Order of the House of the 3rd February, proposed the Question, "That this House do now adjourn."

Question put, and agreed to.

Adjourned accordingly at Fifteen minutes after Eleven o'clock.