HC Deb 17 June 1915 vol 72 c768

asked the Minister of Munitions whether, with a view to securing the highest efficiency of labour in the output of munitions of war at the lowest possible cost to the nation, he will take steps, by legislation or otherwise, to provide that during the continuance of the War no owner of, or shareholder in, a factory producing munitions of war shall receive profits exceeding the average net profits earned by that factory during the three years immediately preceding the outbreak of War?

14 and 16. Sir EDWIN CORNWALL

asked the Minister of Munitions (1) what are the powers he possesses to enable him to deal with employers and employés in case of trade disputes connected with the production of munitions and equipment of war; and (2) whether, in view of the fact that the Government has control of all factories at the present time in respect of the manufacture of war material, he has any power to limit the employers' profits and to ensure the voluntary and permanent provision of labour in those districts where it is most needed?

The MINISTER of MUNITIONS (Mr. Lloyd George)

I hope next week to be able to make a statement on these subjects.