HC Deb 16 June 1915 vol 72 cc662-4
38. Mr. R. McNEILL

asked whether sympathy with the enemy and with his violations of the laws of civilised warfare, openly expressed by persons of hostile origin or association, is held to be sufficient reason for rejecting claims by such persons to be exempted from internment or repatriation?


Claims for exemption are considered by the Advisory Committee, who inform me that they have never advised exemption in any case where the applicant is known to hold or has expressed views in sympathy with the enemy.

39. Mr. McNEILL

asked the Home Secretary whether his attention has been called to the case of a German woman named Kehrein, living at 15, Shrewsbury Road, Bayswater, whose insulting be haviour to her English neighbours and open exultation over such German achievements as the destruction of the "Lusitania" and raids by Zeppelins is likely to cause breaches of the peace; and whether he will take steps to accelerate the removal of this woman from the country?


My attention had not previously been called to this case, but I have now made inquiry and received a report from the police which shows that the woman in question is a respectable and inoffensive dressmaker and that the allegations with regard to her behaviour emanate from a single neighbour and appear to be entirely without foundation. The question of her repatriation will be dealt with in ordinary course after consideration by the Advisory Committee of any application which she may make for exemption.


If I lay before the right hon. Gentleman information which conflicts with his answer, will he consider it?


I shall be very glad if the hon. Member will communicate with me. I should like to show him my information and should be very glad to see his.

40. Mr. McNEILL

had given notice of the following question: To ask the Home Secretary whether a public meeting called by the Sherborne Town Council was held on 10th June to protest against the continued employment of Fraulein von Bissing, a relative of the German military governor of Brussels, as a teacher at the Sherborne Ladies' College; whether he is aware of the feeling amongst the parents of students of the college against the retention of this teacher at the present time; and if he will say how soon arrangements can be made for the removal of Fraulein von Bissing from the country under the recent Order for repatriation of women alien enemies?

Since giving notice information has reached me which leads me to believe that the residence of the lady mentioned in this country is unobjectionable. In these circumstances I will not put the question unless the right hon. Gentleman thinks it would be more just to the person concerned to have his answer on record.


No. I am very glad the hon. Gentleman has said what he has. My information coincides with his own.