HC Deb 09 June 1915 vol 72 c242
13 and 68. Mr. GINNELL

asked (1) the Under-Secretary of State for War whether Mr. Shawn MacDermott has been arrested and imprisoned under the Defence of the Realm Act; if so, for what offence; where he now is; when and where he is to be tried; and will he account for the discriminating censorship which has allowed the Report of the arrest and imprisonment to appear in English newspapers while preventing any Report in the Irish newspapers; and (2) the Chief Secretary for Ireland if he will state the charge upon which Mr. Shawn MacDermott has been arrested under the Defence of the Realm Act, and, if for a speech, the incriminating words?


Mr. Shawn MacDermott was arrested and detained on a charge of making statements likely to prejudice the recruiting of His Majesty's Forces contrary to Regulation No. 27 of the Defence of the Realm (Consolidation) Regulations, 1914. The case, which was adjourned for a week on the application of prisoner's counsel, is being heard today in Dublin, and the hon. Member will thus be in a position to acquaint himself as to the precise statements to which exception has been taken. Reports of Mr. MacDermott's arrest and removal to Dublin appeared in the Irish Press, and the suggestion made in the last part of the question is accordingly unfounded.