HC Deb 28 July 1915 vol 73 c2285

asked the number of hours spent on duty in His Majesty's prison at Waterford during the three months ending 22nd July, 1915, by the governor of that prison and by the warders, respectively; their respective salaries; by whom the hours of attendance are recorded and reported; and, there being inadequate criminal use for that prison, whether it is for anticipated political cases it is being continued as a prison?


I am informed that during almost the whole of the period referred to in the hon. Member's question the governor has been absent from duty owing to serious infectious illness which at one time endangered his life. As regards the warders, I have no reason to suppose that the normal periods of duty, which amount to nine hours per day for five days of the week, with shorter hours varying with the circumstances of each prison on the other two, have been exceeded. The salary of the governor on the 1st January last was £300 per annum, subject to a deduction under the Superannuation Act, 1887, while the warders were at that date in receipt of salaries varing from £55 to £90. The hours of attendance are recorded by the gate warder. The prison is maintained for the needs of criminal justice.