HC Deb 26 July 1915 vol 73 c1945

asked the Home Secretary, having regard to the impartiality of the censorship, will he explain why the "Northern Whig," of Belfast, has been for several days prevented from publishing news relating to the Irish Volunteers, which appeared in other newspapers, as set forth in the "Whig," of 17th July?

This question has been altered since I handed it in at the Table. I had written the words strict impartiality, but either by Mr. Speaker or with his authority the word "strict" has been struck out. I sympathise with the Home Secretary, and ask the question in its altered form.


The Press Bureau has explained to the editor of the "Northern Whig" that there was no want of strict impartiality in the orders given by the Bureau. I much regret that this paper should have suffered when it was loyally observing the instructions it received.