HC Deb 22 July 1915 vol 73 cc1635-6
16. Mr. RAFFAN

asked what action is proposed to be taken by the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic), and in what areas; and whether it is in contemplation to establish restaurants or canteens in shipyards and munition factories?


The Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic) has now issued an Order dealing with the New-haven area, and I have asked them to send the hon. Member a copy. The principal provisions of the Order are those forbidding treating and credit in licensed houses, dealing with the dilution of spirits within certain limits, and restricting hours for the sale of alcohol, while permitting licensed houses to remain open for the sale of food and non-alcoholic refreshment for much longer hours. It is anticipated that Orders dealing with some of the other areas already scheduled will be issued shortly. These Orders will follow generally the Newhaven Order, with variations suggested or necessitated by local conditions. Action is being taken by the Board not only towards improving the supply of food and non-alcoholic refreshment in licensed houses, but also towards establishing or increasing canteen accommodation for the workers in munition and transport areas. The Board are convinced that the provision of these facilities is one of the factors in dealing with the drink problem, and they count upon the cordial co-operation of firms engaged in munition work to assist in order to place these arrangements on a satisfactory footing.


Can my right hon. Friend say if the Board of Control are going to erect any counter-attractive agencies in the Newhaven district?


I would like my hon. Friend to give me notice of that question.


May I ask if the areas in Scotland are yet scheduled?


I think a decision has been come to with regard to Scotland, but the Order has not yet come before me. I hope to get it in a day or two.