HC Deb 19 July 1915 vol 73 cc1164-5

Notice had been given of the following question:—17. Sir A. MARKHAM: To ask the Home Secretary why the "Canadian Gazette" were recently refused permission to cable to Canada an interview which their London representative had with Mr. Butler, the manager of the Canadian Car and Foundry Company; and whether, in this interview, Mr. Butler stated that his company were able to turn out large quantities of shells, that Canada could multiply her output four or five times, that the War Office had declined to place orders, and that Canadian manufacturers resented skilled labour being brought from Canada to this country when the factories in Canada were only partially employed?


On a point of Order, Mr. Speaker. You passed my Question, No. 17.


I called on the hon. Member, but he was not here, and it is past the quarter of the hour. I am now taking questions addressed to Ministers who were absent.