HC Deb 19 July 1915 vol 73 c1168

asked the Chief Secretary the number of officers in the Royal Irish Constabulary force at the time the War began; the number of them who have since volunteered and been accepted for military service; whether their places have been filled up or their districts amalgamated with those adjoining; whether there is still a county inspector in each of the counties of Louth, Carlow, and Wicklow, while one is sufficient for Donegal, a wider area than the other three together; whether there is any reason to think the district inspectors and sub-inspectors, now usually engaged at golf and tennis, could not or would not discharge all the duties if the county inspectors were withdrawn; the number of horses kept by and for this force and the use made of them; and, if those officers and horses are of any military value, whether he will, in the interest of economy and utility, offer them all for the purposes of the War?


The answer to the first part of the question is 233, and to the second part seventeen. The vacancies created by the absence of officers on military duty have not been filled up, and their districts have been amalgamated with those adjoining. There is a county inspector in charge of county Louth, and at the present time one for the two counties of Wicklow and Carlow. I am satisfied that the existing officers are fully employed, and that it would be undesirable in the interests of the public service to adopt the hon. Member's suggestion as to the withdrawal of county inspectors. One hundred and seventeen horses are employed by the constabulary in the performance of various duties. These horses are of military value, but it would not be possible, without incurring other expenditure, to spare any of them from their present work.