HC Deb 13 July 1915 vol 73 cc751-2

The rates to be charged will be the same for all districts, and are as follows:—

Against Aircraft only. Against Aircraft and Bombardment
1. Building, Rent and Contents of— s. d. s. d.
Private Dwelling-houses and Buildings in which no trade or manufacture is carried on 2 0 3 0
2. All other Buildings and their Rents 3 0 4 6
3. Farming Stock (live and dead) 3 0 4 6
4. Contents of all Buildings other than those specified in 1 and 5 5 0 7 0
5. —(a) Merchandise at Docks and Public Wharves, in Carriers' and Canal Warehouses and Yards, in Public Mercantile Storage Warehouses, and in transit by Rail 7 6 10 0
(b)Timber in the open
(c) Mineral Oil Tanks and Stores (Wholesale)

N.B. (1).—Insurances under Class 5 may be accepted for short periods at the following rates:—

Six months Three-fourths of the annual premium.
Three months One-half of the annual premium.
One month One-fourth of the annual premium.

All the other rates are for twelve calendar months or any shorter period.

N.B. (2)—Buildings, Rent and Contents must be specified separately.

I am inviting some fifty of the larger fire insurance companies to co-operate with us in working this scheme by acting as agents for the Government, and if, as I hope and expect, this invitation is accepted, it should be possible to commence the scheme at the beginning of next week. It is not proposed to limit the scheme necessarily to these fifty companies. If any other fire insurance companies would be willing to act as agents for the Government in working this scheme, and will be good enough to send me their names, their application to be placed on the list of approved companies for this purpose would be welcomed and carefully considered.


Will Lloyd's continue to issue insurances?


Has the right hon. Gentleman made any arrangement with regard to insurances already effected?


The Government do not propose to take over insurances already made. Lloyd's will be able to conduct their business if they can attract custom at cheaper rates than those provided by the Government.


Have any arrangements been made with regard to personal injury?


No; we have not provided for personal injury.


Will the right hon. Gentleman give the House an opportunity of considering these terms? I am quite sure that those connected with insurance think that many of them are very absurd.

The PRIME MINISTER (Mr. Asquith)

I will consider that.


Is the right hon. Gentleman including the risks from incendiary fires by enemy agents?


How does this affect compensation already granted from insurance premiums in previous air raids or bombardments?


In so far as compensation has already been granted, it obviously will not be interfered with. In reply to my hon. Friend behind me, we do not provide against incendiary fires. We are only asked to provide a scheme against damage done by aircraft or bombardment.

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